EPD for Textile Based Ventilation Ducts

The goal of this project was to perform an environmental product declaration for a specific textile duct and enable future EPD's of similar textile ducts produced by the company.

The client

KE Fibertec – Denmark

Our role

The project was performed as a collaboration between 2.-0 LCA consultants and in-house expertise from KE Fibertec. Project completed January 2015.

Textile based ventilation

KE Fibertec develops, manufactures, and markets air distribution systems based on fibre technology. The principle is to create draught-free and uniform distribution of the ventilation air through tailored textile ducts.

KE Fibertec wanted to develop so-called EDP (Environmental Product Declarations) of ventilation ducts in order to make informed decisions on selecting the most environmentally friendly components and suppliers as well as to provide their customers with detailed environmental information on ventilation ducts. The EDP is based on the life cycle assessment methodology ISO 14040 and 14044 (ISO 2006a, 2006b).

Using this methodology we performed an environmental product declaration of a specific textile ventilation duct. Furthermore a proprietary database was established with environmental profiles for all production components to enable making future environmental profiles for other types of textile ducts. The results of the project are presented in a proprietary report.