Exiobase Update Club

Do you want to contribute to the development and update of the next generation of EXIOBASE, the most comprehensive global multi-regional input-output database in hybrid (physical and monetary) units? Then the EXIOBASE Update Club is for you.

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EXIOBASE is a comprehensive global multi-regional input-output database existing and in its hybrid version it provides the most detailed hybrid unit Input-Output LCA database available. The current hybrid version of EXIOBASE 3, accounting for most commodities in physical units and fully mass-balanced accounts, uses 2011 as base year. Therefore, there is a need for updating to a more recent year. The update will also include the 2.-0 indirect land-use change model, electricity markets, and will integrate capital goods directly into the core IO-model. Other improvements may include additional detail with respect to countries, industries/products, documentation, uncertainty data, etc.

This EXIOBASE Update club is a crowdfunded project aimed at funding an update of the hybrid tables.

The club is open to everyone and the subscription costs 3.000 EUR. Subscribers can prioritise improvements and obtain instant access.
Would you like to subscribe, or to know more?
Read more on the project page or contact us.

Example files

The below entries are examples of Exiobase Update Club content.

  • 2020-06-26 pdf Manual for Exiobase download – tool Brief manual on how to download Exiobase v3.3.16 for SimaPro.
  • 2020-03-27 pdf Download instructions for EXIOBASE – tool This file contains the instructions for downloading and opening EXIOBASE