SimaPro LCA software is recognized worldwide. Licenses for danish customers are sold through 2.-0 LCA consultants. This page provides general information and support to our SimaPro users.

What is SimaPro?

SimaPro is an application for calculating the environmental impact of a product (or a service), also known as life cycle assessments – LCA.

SimaPro is developed by the Dutch company PRé and has been on the market since 1990. It is a proven, reliable, and flexible software soloution used by industries, consultancies, and universities worldwide. With almost 1000 licenses sold in 50 countries, SimaPro is still the best-selling LCA software.

SimaPro is continuously developed and updated at least twice a year. In Denmark, SimaPro is sold through 2.-0 LCA consultants ApS. Our Danish hotline service ensures quick help to users in case of any problems during use.

SimaPro features

SimaPro has the basic features that one expects from a professional LCA software. Some of these include:

  • Databases with LCA data on thousands of materials and services. Two very useful databases are ecoinvent v3, which is available in both consequential and attributional versions, and the EU & DK input-output database. The latter covers all European and Danish industries and is the best source of Danish background data. See the manual for the EU & DK database here (pdf-file).
  • Full transparency: SimaPro provides opportunities for data analysis. For example it is easy to find out how much each process contributes and which emissions are most important.
  • Sensitivity analyses with the Monte Carlo method, assessing the uncertainty of your results.
  • Sensitivity analyses with parameter variation.
  • SimaPro provides a graphical presentation of the results, both in flow diagrams, tables, and graphs.
  • Combining Microsoft Excel with SimaPro when performing an LCA.
  • SimaPro can handle large amounts of data in a matrix format. This is one of the main reasons why 2.-0 LCA consultants have chosen to use SimaPro, because it makes it possible to combine the life cycle methods with the information found in input/output tables from Statistics Denmark and international statistics. The EU & DK input-output database is made that way.
  • SimaPro comes in different versions. Choose the one that suits your needs best.
  • SimaPro can be setup in danish.
  • SimaPro has a wide range of the environmental assessment methods used worldwide today, and these are updated regularly. The Danish-developed Stepwise method, which enables full monetization of LCA results is also available in SimaPro format.

For more info

More information in Danish can be found on our dealer page at PRé; here you can also download a free demo version. General information is also available in English at

When you buy SimaPro Professional, you get hotline phone service for the first year. You can also build a product system for your own product – with your own data if you have it, or otherwise with data from the databases in SimaPro.

At 2.-0 LCA consultants we use SimaPro in our daily work and we will therefore usually be able to answer your questions. If not, we get help from PRé in Holland.

The most important parts of the Danish UMIP 2003 environmental assessment method are implemented in our new Stepwise method and can be requested from 2.-0 LCA consultants.