Critical Review – ICV-Tex: French Textile Database for Environmental labelling

We performed a critical review of 73 textile Life Cycle Inventories (LCI) from the French environmental labelling database: Base IMPACTS®.

The client

ADEME – The French Environment and Energy Management Agency – France

Our role

Within the framework of the French environmental labelling of consumer products, Eco-TLC and Décathlon, in partnership with ADEME, asked Cycleco to develop 73 new LCIs on textiles, mostly on uncovered fibre production and end-of-life treatment processes. To reach a larger audience, the inventories are made available through the Life Cycle Data Network from the Joint Research Center. To check the compliance level of the LCIs with the International Reference Life Cycle Data System, we performed an independent external critical review on the LCIs.

This report (in French) presents the first round of critical reviews on the 73 LCIs against ILCD requirements. Project completed March 2018.