CSVmaker is a tool developed by 2.-0 LCA Consultants for converting Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) data into a .CSV file for importing LCI data into SimaPro for analysis. This page provides general information about the CSVmaker tool and how to purchase it and a video tutorial on how to use it.

Save time
A common work procedure for LCA practitioners is to calculate the inventories in Excel and then enter data manually in SimaPro. With CSVmaker you will no longer need to enter data manually in SimaPro, and you can handle larger datasets in a much more simple and flexible way. The CSVmaker is extremely powerful, and it can robustly handle very big LCIs – it can easily handle product systems with several thousand linked processes.

Simple and advanced SimaPro modelling
The CSVmaker facilitates very simple transfer of LCA processes from Excel to SimaPro as well as more advanced models with parameters and uncertainty information. The CSVmaker gives you full flexibility with respect to naming of processes and placement of imported processes in the SimaPro explorer. Furthermore, meta‐information on the processes to be imported can be added in the comment field.

About the tool
The CSVmaker is a Microsoft Excel macro for converting Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) data in an Excel format to a .CSV file format for importing LCI data into SimaPro for subsequent analysis.

What you get
The purchase of the CSVmaker gives access to the CSVmaker macro for Excel, a manual and indefinite subscription to updates ensuring that it will also work with updates of SimaPro. It can be used by an unlimited number of users within your organization.


How to use CSVmaker

Structuring Life Cycle Inventory Data in Microsoft Excel

Learn how to run the CSVmaker and import Life Cycle Inventory data into SimaPro.

Using CSVmaker and Importing to SimaPro

Learn how to run the CSVmaker and import Life Cycle Inventory data into SimaPro.


Do you have a demo of the CSVmaker?
Unfortunately, no demo is available.

Is it perpetual or subscription?
It is a one-time purchase.

Is there a written manual I can reference?
Yes – your copy of CSVmaker includes a manual with a step-by-step guide.

Is it possible to have a meeting where we 2.-0 go through the CSVmaker?
It is possible to purchase a 30-minute online demo with 2.-0 LCA consultants by writing to Margarida Varandas. However, we recommend watching the videos on this page before scheduling a meeting as they should give you the needed information.

Solutions to common errors

  • You should use dots as decimal separators in both Excel and in your operating system.
  • To limit errors, build your model in a separate Excel file and copy the values to CSVmaker to convert the data to a .CSV file just before importing to SimaPro.
  • Importing processes to SimaPro with the same name as existing processes overwrites these processes. It is recommended to avoid editing data in SimaPro if using CSVmaker.
  • If the CSVmaker macro runs but no file appears in your chosen folder, then press ‘step’ instead of ‘run’ when running the macro.
  • It is recommended to store the files you want to convert with CSVmaker locally instead of in the cloud.