Environmental account for Danish Ministry of Defense

The Danish Ministry of Defense wanted a life cycle-based environmental account covering all their activities in 2017. The results are two proprietary reports - a performance report and a method report.

The client

Danish Ministry of Defense – Denmark

Our role

The environmental accounts and the reports have been prepared by the consulting companies NIRAS A/S and 2.-0 LCA consultants in collaboration. Project completed December 2018.

Environmental account for the entire organisation

The Danish Ministry of Defense initiated this project to produce an environmental account includes upstream emissions from the Ministry of Defense’s purchases of goods and services, direct emissions from combustion of fuels in vehicles, machinery etc., as well as downstream emissions related to waste disposal for the year 2017.

The purpose of the environmental accounts is first and foremost to calculate a baseline for the Ministry of Defence’s environmental performance, including providing insight into environmental hot-spots. The environmental accounts should be seen as an initial step towards identifying relevant, strategic focus areas for future environmental work.

Where possible, possible focus areas are identified, but as the primary purpose has been to identify environmental hot-spots and create a baseline. It is recommended to initiate an independent project that sets out scenarios for possible, concrete environmental measures.