LCA Tool for Danish Horticulture

The aim of this project was to provide Danish Horticulture with an LCA tool for primary producers in Denmark. The tool was designed to include all relevant crops produced in Danish horticulture.

The client

Danish Horticulture

Our role

2.-0 LCA consultants managed all aspect of the LCA study of the horticultural crop productions as a cradle-to-gate study. Project completed March 2024.

An LCA tool for horticulture portfolios

The LCA tool makes it possible for horticultures in Denmark to calculate the environmental impacts from each crop. The intended application for Danish Horticulture (Dansk Gartneri), was to identify impacts and hotspots and use the outcome to substantiate their ongoing work on reducing the impacts from the Danish horticultural production. The tool is prepared for both organic and conventional cultivation practices. Furthermore, there are both greenhouse and free range production methods included.

The horticulture-specific calculator includes impacts for the production and upstream in the life cycle, including relevant processing and packaging. Results are given per ton crop at the greenhouse gate using Stepwise as method or as impacts pr. hectare or as a total for each holding studied.

This project is representative of the type of tools we customise for the our clients, who want multiple producers within the same sector to get reliable and accurate impacts for their individual production. Hence, the results are useful for decision making in future strategies and goals for each primary producer as well as the organisation, Danish Horticulture.