Towards a common European Climate Label for products

The aim of this project for STOA was to evaluate the potential for an effective climate labelling framework and the preconditions for such labelling.

The client

Panel for the Future of Science and Technology (STOA)

Our role

We performed the study managed by the Scientific Foresight Unit, within the Directorate-General for Parliamentary Research Services (EPRS) of the Secretariat of the European Parliament. Project completed September 2023.

Preconditions for a Climate label

In this project we analysed the EU product environmental footprint (PEF) methodology, the state of databases on climate footprints, the current knowledge on effective label design, and relevant EU regulation. The basis for our analysis was that an effective climate labelling scheme will require a methodology, a database, and a label format that allows consistent comparison both within and across product categories. On this basis we identified the necessary preconditions and suggested a way forward in a study report. The Options Brief (short document for policy makers) can be accessed as an annex from the study at the project website of the European Parliament.