ISO Standardisation

We play an active role in supplying expert delegates to the ISO TC 207 / SC5 on life cycle assessment and several other related Techical Committees.

The client

International Organization for Standardization (ISO) – Intergovernmental

Our role

We have over the years contributed to several standards, especially the ISO 14040-series of standards originally published in 1997 and their revision in 2006. Most recently Bo. P. Weidema defends the ISO 14040-series from misinterpretations in a column in Journal of Industrial Ecology.


Over the years, we have contributed to the ISO standardisation work in the following contexts:

  • Technical Management Board Task Force on Integrated Use of Management System Standards.
  • TC 207 Environmental Management Systems and Tools. Task forces on business plan implementation and future strategies.
  • ISO 14001 and 14004 Standard on Environmental Management.
  • ISO 14025 Standard on Environmental Declarations.
  • ISO 14040-series of standards on Life Cycle Assessment – The initial 1997 versions as well as secretariat for the 2008 revision (14040 & 14044).
  • ISO 14063 Standard on Environmental Communication.
  • ISO 14067 Standard on Carbon Footprinting.
  • ISO 14071 Standard on Critical Review.
  • ISO 26000 guidance document on Social Responsibility.