Energy Club

Getting the highly variable electricity mixes for different countries modelled in a consistent way is always a challenge for any LCA. This is particularly a challenge when applying the consequential modelling assumption. The Energy Club will help you.

The client

Crowdfunded project

Our role

2.-0 LCA consultants is carrying out consequential LCIs for electricity and heat for a growing number of countries.

Marginal electricity mixes per country

The Energy Club provides inventories of electricity and heat mixes for a growing number of countries and scenarios. Inventories are available in consequential version, based on consistent modelling assumptions and consistent data.

Together with DuPont, 2.-0 LCA consultants initiated the Energy project in 2011 with the aim of establishing consequential LCIs on electricity in different countries. The project is established as a club to which anyone can subscribe. The Energy Club is administered by 2.-0 LCA consultants and data are now available for the following countries/regions: Austria, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Switzerland, Chile, China, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, United Kingdom, Indonesia, India, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Norway. Poland, Sweden, South Africa, Turkey, Europe, World, United States.

The following sample reports are available:

The main characteristics of the project are:

  • The inventories for different countries are based on consistent modelling assumptions and consistent data
  • The processes are created applying three different scenarios of consequential modelling. The three scenarios for consequential LCA includes: clca (future), clca (historical) and clca (coal)
  • The LCIs are transparently documented and can easily be implemented in any LCA
  • The LCIs are built using ecoinvent v3 in the background system
  • The project solves years of debate on what is marginal electricity, and it serves the option for subscribers using a consistent global approach for electricity in all countries
  • If imported in the ecoinvent library project in SimaPro, it is possible to switch between the different consequential scenarios – this also includes that the electricity being used in almost all processes of the ecoinvent database is affected by the switch (note that there is also a switch that represents ecoinvent default data)

The club is open for everyone. The price of subscription is 2000 EUR. Subscription gives access to:

  • the current version of the project report at the time of subscription as well as future updates
  • choosing one country currently missing in the project to be included in the Energy club (description in methodology report as well as CSV file for import in SimaPro)
  • SimaPro CSV file including all electricity processes for import in the ecoinvent library in SimaPro. The CSV file includes switches enabling the switching between three scenarios of consequential modeling

It is possible to buy electricity data for one single country without being a member of the Energy Club. This includes an intro/methodology report and a country-specific inventory report. Price: 300 EUR for already established data (see list above) and 600 EUR for new data.

For subscription (or questions), please contact us.