Roundtable on “Harmonisation beyond standardisation”

This week Prof. Bo Weidema from 2.-0 LCA consultants will be contributing to the Roundtable on “Harmonisation beyond standardisation” at the SETAC Case Studies Symposium, Rome.

One of the questions he will be discussing with the audience is the great number of guidelines that interpret the basic ISO 14040/44 standards for LCA. All the interpretations claim to be based on – if not directly to be in accordance with – the ISO 14040/44.

But are all these guidelines really needed – and if so, does it point to a failure of ISO 14040/44 to fulfil its role as a standard? Perhaps we should focus on clarifying the core standards ISO 14040/44? That might just leave us with more time for the biggest problem on our hands: The lack of high-quality data and impact assessment models!