Yearly archive: 2013

Surprising article in NATURE

December 10, 2013 by Jannick Schmidt

Interesting new article in Nature shows that trees continue to grow and sequester carbon as they mature. Based on a comprehensive study of 403 tree species and more than 600.000 individual trees from all over the world the scientists question the time-honoured paradigm that old trees grow less than the younger trees. They find that old trees “put on more weight” as they mature – i.e. the productivity at the level of the individual tree is shown to grow with…

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Roundtable on “Harmonisation beyond standardisation”

November 13, 2013 by admin

This week Prof. Bo Weidema from 2.-0 LCA consultants will be contributing to the Roundtable on “Harmonisation beyond standardisation” at the SETAC Case Studies Symposium, Rome. One of the questions he will be discussing with the audience is the great number of guidelines that interpret the basic ISO 14040/44 standards for LCA. All the interpretations claim to be based on – if not directly to be in accordance with – the ISO 14040/44. But are all these guidelines really needed…

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New scientific arguments for including the rebound effect

September 2, 2013 by Bo Weidema

New scientific arguments for including the rebound effect will be put forward at this weeks advanced LCA PhD course at Aalborg University. During the session on consequential modelling in life cycle inventory we are keen to discuss with the students our new ideas on up-streaming the price rebound effects to more efficiently balance the individual product systems - Thereby supporting the balance argument for the price rebound effect. Here is one of the slides we will discuss with the students: The…

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LCA screening of biofuels

July 7, 2013 by admin

With a new report on “LCA screening of biofuels & iLUC, biomass manipulation and soil carbon” 2.-0 LCA consultants have contributed to the ongoing discussions in Denmark on the effects of biomass and other energy sources on climate change. Our report (in English) is an appendix to a Danish report published by the green think tank CONCITO on the climate effects from bio-fuels: ‘Klimapåvirkningen fra biomasse og andre energikilder, Hovedrapport’. The main report concludes that virtually no energy is completely…

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