Yearly archive: 2021

Getting the data right

April 22, 2021 by admin

This is the title of a large new 4-year project to create a globally unique virtual lab and open database tool for quantitative assessment of the climate effects of decision alternatives, popularly speaking ‘a climate footprint generator’, and a mechanism to ensure its continuous maintenance. The project builds on our experiences with two of the most used LCA databases: the consequential version of the ecoinvent database and the hybrid version of EXIOBASE. A total of nine full-time persons and 5…

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Consequential versus normative food LCAs

February 15, 2021 by Bo Weidema

On February 1th, our client CONCITO – Denmark’s Green Think Tank published the results of the project ‘LCA of 500 food items’ and created quite a wake in the press and on social media. The database, which was published under the somewhat pretentious name “The Big Climate Database”, presents climate footprints of 500 selected foodstuffs in an accessible and transparent tool intended as a basis for climate footprint calculation of meals and purchases, as well as for information and teaching.…

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