New LCA calculator for Danish Horticulture

We have developed a new LCA calculator that gives members of the Danish horticultural industry the opportunity to calculate the CO2 equivalents and several other environmental impacts from their own production. The intended application for our client, Danish Horticulture (Dansk Gartneri), was to identify impacts and hotspots and use the outcome to substantiate their ongoing work on reducing the impacts from the Danish horticultural production. The tool is prepared for both organic and conventional cultivation practices.

The horticulture-specific calculator includes emissions for the production and upstream in the life cycle, including relevant processing and packaging. Results are given per ton crop at the green house gate. The calculator is simple to use and thus allows each horticultural producer to focus on communicating their impacts and to identify their possible improvement potentials.

To highlight this new option and the functions of the tool, I wrote an article (CO2-beregner for gartnerier) for the printed Danish industry magazine, Gartner Tidende. You can read more about this project in English on our project page.