Inventory of country specific electricity in LCA – Consequential and attributional scenarios. Methodology report v2

Schmidt J, Merciai S, Thrane M, Dalgaard R (2011)

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2.-0 LCA consultants, Aalborg, Denmark.


The modelling of electricity in life cycle inventory has given rise to debates during the last decades. Significant issues in the debate are discussions on geographical delimitation of electricity markets, the question of whether constrained suppliers should be included, the modelling of co-products if electricity is co-produced with electricity, and in cases where the marginal supply is identified; the question whether the modelling should represent the short-term/production marginal or the long-term/build marginal. Many of the issues listed above are related to the different modelling assumptions applied in consequential and attributional modelling.

This methodology report provides qualified answers and recommendations regarding the above-mentioned issues. A generalized inventory methodology is outlined which enables for the application of consequential as well as attributional modelling assumptions. The inventory methodology described in the current report is applied to national and regional life cycle inventories. These inventories are presented in separate reports.

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