Methodology report for Novo Nordisk’s environmental profit and loss account

Høst-Madsen N K, Damgaaard C K, Szeler A, McManamon D, Bullock S, Taylor J, Sireyjol A, Schmidt J (eds.) (2014)

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Danish Environmental Protection Agency.


The Novo Nordisk Environmental Profit and Loss Account (E P&L) is a response to PUMA’s call for contributions to the E P&L methodology and the expert review of PUMA’s E P&L.

The Novo Nordisk E P&L is reported in two parts; the main report, which focuses on the results and the application of these in a Novo Nordisk context, and the methodology report which focuses on the methodology applied for establishing the E P&L results.

The following methodology report:

  1. Summarises the methodological contributions and deviations from PUMA’s original E P&L methodology.
  2. Provides a detailed explanation of the data sets, quantification methods, and valuation methodologies used to complete the E P&L.

Not all of the points from the review have been addressed in this E P&L, but those that have are listed in section 1.1. These are the main conclusions and contributions to the E P&L methodology from this analysis.

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