Environmental impacts of alcoholic beverages – as distributed by the Nordic Alcohol Monopolies 2014

Weidema B P, de Saxcé M, Muñoz I (2016)

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2.-0 LCA consultants, Aalborg, 30th December 2016


This report has been prepared by Bo P. Weidema, Marie de Saxcé, and Ivan Muñoz of 2.-0 LCA consultants, Denmark, for the Nordic Alcohol Monopolies (Alko in Finland represented by Virpi Valtonen and Kirsi Erme, Systembolaget in Sweden represented by Lena Rogeman and Maria Hagström, and Vinmonopolet in Norway represented by Frank Lein). The study was undertaken in 2015-2016. The data relates to the turnover of the Nordic Alcohol Monopolies in year 2014. Some data have been removed for confidentiality reasons.

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