Arla Foods Environmental Profit and Loss Accounting 2014

Schmidt J, de Saxcé M (2016)

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Environmental project No. 1860, 2016. Danish Environmental Protection Agency, Copenhagen

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To document the total life cycle environmental impact of their product portfolio, Arla Foods is conducting an Environmental Profit and Loss Account (E P&L). The E P&L expresses Arla Foods’ environmental impacts in monetary units, in addition to the underlying physical units. Arla Foods intends to use the results to evaluate their environmental strategy 2020 in order to assure that its focus is put on priority areas. Furthermore, the findings are intended to be used in various communications and it is an important step towards showing that Arla takes its environmental commitment seriously and takes responsibility for the whole value chain. The unit of analysis is the sum of all Arla’s activities in 2014. Hence, the E P&L includes all environmental life cycle impacts from cradle to grave of the sum of all Arla’s products for the financial year 2014. The included product system is illustrated in the figure below.


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