Refining the pedigree matrix approach in ecoinvent

Ciroth A, Muller S, Weidema B P (2012)

Publication info

Published by GreenDelta – May 2012, Version 7.1

Aim and objective

Ecoinvent applies a method for estimation of default standard deviations for flow data from characteristics of these flows and the respective processes that are turned into uncertainty factors in a pedigree matrix, starting from qualitative assessments. The uncertainty factors are aggregated to the standard deviation in a formula that is valid for lognormally distributed data only.
This report covers phase 0 of a three-phased project that will in detail refine this “pedigree approach” in ecoinvent, aiming to put it on an empirically better founded basis.

The phase 0 will work entirely with the existing approach and will
(1) derive empirically based, reasonable values for the uncertainty factors used in this
approach, and
(2) provide practical considerations on how to apply the approach to other distributions

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