National and farm level carbon footprint of milk – Life cycle inventory for Danish and Swedish milk 2005 at farm gate

Dalgaard R, Schmidt J (2012)

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Arla Foods, Aarhus, Denmark.


In this report input parameters used for the calculation of carbon footprints of Danish and Swedish milk are presented. It should be noticed that all results and interpretations for the carbon footprints of Danish and Swedish milk are presented in Schmidt and Dalgaard (2012). Further, the used terms, definitions and methodological framework is also described in Schmidt and Dalgaard (2012).

In Chapter 1 general activities and data (e.g. electricity, fertilisers, capital goods etc.) are presented. In Chapter 0 the Danish and Swedish milk and beef systems and the Brazilian beef system are presented. The plant cultivation system, which includes 12 different crops from various countries, is presented in Chapter 4. Finally, the food industry system is presented in Chapter 1.

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