Critical review of four comparative life cycle assessments of printed and electronic communication

Schmidt J, Pizzol M (2014)

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2.-0 LCA consultants and Aalborg University, the Danish Centre for Environmental Assessment, Aalborg. p 24


The reviewed studies were selected by the Graphic Association of Denmark. The reviewed studies are:

  • Sanchez V M and Møller J (2011), LCA on the prevention of unsolicited mail in the Vestforbrænding municipalities. DTU Environment. Kgs. Lyngby.
  • Schmidt A and Kløverpris N H (2009), Environmental impacts from digital solutions as an alternative to conventional paper-based solutions. e-Boks.
  • Moberg Å, Johansson M, Finnveden G, Jonsson A (2009), Screening environmental life cycle assessment of printed, web based and tablet e-paper newspaper, Second edition. Reports from the KTH Centre for Sustainable Communications. Stockholm.
  • Enroth M (2009), Environmental impact of printed and electronic teaching aids, a screening study focussing on fossil carbon dioxide emissions. Advances in Printing and Media Technology, Vol. 36, 2009.

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