The SPOLD format for life-cycle inventory data

The SPOLD format is an electronic file format for exchanging data for life cycle inventories. The original SPOLD ’97 format was replaced by the SPOLD ’99 format (Weidema 1999)(pdf-file), which was implemented as import/export format in some LCA software (SimaPro, TEAM, KCL-EKO and Umberto). A slightly modified version was developed by the ecoinvent Centre as the ecoSPOLD (v1) format, released as Open Source, used for the ecoinvent database version 1 & 2, and implemented in all leading LCA software. An improved ecoSPOLD 2 format was developed by an ad hoc expert working group formed by ecoinvent under the leadership of Bo Weidema. An open hearing was conducted among users of the ecoSpold format, in order to collect their input and wishes for a new ecoSpold format v2. The result of this hearing and the way the input was treated can be seen in a public rapport. The resulting ecoSpold 2 data format is available from this page (see supporting documents and user manuals): Knowledge Base (

A well-maintained software editor for datasets in this format has been published as freeware by the ecoinvent Centre. This editor does apply some additional validation rules and ecoinvent-specific features not specified in theecoSPOLD 2 format.

Acknowledgement of the organisations that have contributed to the development of the SPOLD format

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