Product oriented policy support

Product oriented policies seek to optimise the environmental performance of the total system of production, use and disposal processes needed to provide the products.

Product oriented environmental policies (in Europe known as Integrated Product Policy – IPP) is a supplement to the toolbox of environmental regulation, with a focus on the overall pressures related to material or non-material products. Every human activity – and consequently its environmental impacts – can be related to a certain need and the fulfilment of this need by material or non-material products. Therefore, products play a key role in a regulation aimed at reducing the total environmental impact.

Product oriented environmental policies combine many different regulatory measures, such as economic instruments, substance bans, voluntary agreements, environmental labelling and product design guidelines. Much of the initial focus of the IPP activities has therefore been on prioritising among the different policy measures and product areas.


Policy support in specific areas

More projects on policy support are listed on the pages for specific areas: