Procedural guideline for collection, treatment, and quality documentation of LCA data

Weidema B P, Cappellaro F, Carlson R, Notten P, Pålsson A-C, Patyk A, Regalini E, Sacchetto F, Scalbi S (2003)

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Document LC-TG-23-001 of the CASCADE project

Excerpts from Introduction

Main objectives of the project are:
1. To introduce the environmental data in the design processes
2. To facilitate data exchange and independence from any computer system

Those objectives are both “key points” and “bottle necks” for a wider diffusion of LCA and eco- design tools.
They are achieved adapting the standards developed for the communication of product, process and property data in design and manufacturing to the requirements for LCA. Three types of standards for computerised information representation and communication have been adopted:

• ISO 10303 provides entity-relationship models for product, property and process data;
• ISO 15926 provides classification structures for the description of industrial data
• Web ontology provide web-based classification structures for the description of information.

These standards are used for the representation of examples of LCA data in accordance with ISO 14048 and their communication between different systems.


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