Prioritisation within the integrated product policy

Weidema B P, Christiansen K, Nielsen A M, Norris G A, Notten P, Suh S, Madsen J (2005)

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Environmental project no. 980. Copenhagen: Danish Environmental Protection Agency.

Excerpts from Summary

Food, housing, transport by ship, and electricity are the four product areas where environmental measures in Danish industry will provide most environmental improvement. Looking at the Danes’ private consumption, priority areas are housing, food, tourism, clothes, personal hygiene and car driving. Public consumption generally has much less impact on the environment than private consumption, but nevertheless reach the top-10 when consumption groups are sorted according to total environmental impact. These are some of the conclusions from the project ”Prioritisation within the integrated product policy” in which a detailed method for making such prioritisations has been developed. The method is based on a combination of environmental statistics and the Danish national accounts, divided on 138 product groups.


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