Physical/hybrid supply and use tables – methodological report

Schmidt J, Merciai S (2017)

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Report from DESIRE – a FP7 project

Excerpts from introduction

Several environmental pressure indicators are based on information that can be obtained from physical supply and use tables (PSUTs). Examples are waste generation indicators, total material requirement (TMR), ecological rucksack, material intensity per product service (MIPS), carbon footprint. Further, when the PSUTs are combined with monetary and energy supply and use tables (MSUTs and EnSUTs), hybrid input-output tables (HIOTs) can be created. With the extensions of the PSUTs, the HIOTS can be used for calculating life cycle environmental pressure indicators for country/regional consumption, products, sectors and trade. The purpose of the current report is to present a generic methodology to create fully mass balanced multi-regional PSUTs.

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