Matching bottom-up and top-down for verification and integration of LCI databases

Weidema B P (2003)

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Presentation to the International Workshop on LCI-Quality, Karlsruhe, 2003.10.20-21


A combination of traditional bottom-up process-based LCI databases with top-down databases based on industry input-output statistics provides fruitful opportunities for mutual verification. The sum of all processes is verified against the global totals, thus identifying missing data and filling data gaps. The global totals also provide continuously updated normalisation references for the process-based data. At the same time, the process-based data provide much more detail, allowing a breakdown of the industry totals. By integrating the two data sources in one database approach, it becomes possible to avoid data gaps while still providing the necessary detail in process modelling. The integration of bottom-up and top-down is illustrated by two examples: 1) a database linking national agricultural statistics to detailed farm models, providing a comprehensive set of data for Danish agricultural products 2) the use of national material flow analyses and national input-output databases to provide an updated background dataset to which individual process-based data and product life cycles are linked for continuous database improvement

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