Life cycle inventory data: Development of a common format

Singhofen A, Hemming C, Weidema B P, Grisel L, Bretz R, de Smet B, Russell D (1996)

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International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment 1(3):171-178


This article describes the work carried out by the Promoting Sound Practices (PSP) working group of SPOLD (Society for the Promotion of Lifecycle Development) on the development of a common format for reporting life cycle inventory data in a comparable and transparent way, and hence towards the eventual goal of a decentralised network of life cycle inventory databases. Establishing such a database network depends on the achievement of consensus amongst potential users, data owners and data generators. Accordingly, building consensus has been, and will continue to be given, a high priority in this work. As well as a summary of the consensus building activities, this article provides an outline of the developing format and an indication of the next steps planned, some of which are already underway.

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