Life Cycle Assessment of Palm Oil at United Plantations Berhad 2022. Results for 2004-2021. Summary report

De Rosa M, Schmidt J (2022)

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United Plantations Berhad, Teluk Intan, Malaysia


This report is carried out by Michele De Rosa and Jannick Schmidt (2.-0 LCA consultants, Denmark) for United Plantations Berhad (Teluk Intan, Malaysia). The study includes data collection and calculation of LCA results for United Plantations Berhad’s palm oil production 2004-2021. The study was undertaken during the period January to February 2022.

The current report updates the results of a series of previous studies, to include also the most recent 2021 results, and it summarises the main findings of a detailed life cycle assessment report of palm oil production at United Plantations in the period 2004-2021.

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