Life cycle assessment (LCA) of Kangamiut Seafood products

Eliassen J, De Rosa M and Schmidt J (2022)

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2.-0 LCA consultants, Aalborg, Denmark.


This report presents a detailed cradle-to-consumer life cycle assessment (LCA) screening of fish products sold by Kangamiut Seafood products. Kangamiut Seafood is a trading company and is not directly involved in fishing operations, however the activities of their suppliers and other affected systems are included in the product life cycles. In addition, carbon offsetting potential for Kangamiut Seafood is included as part of the assessment. The study covers a wide range of environmental impacts, including greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (i.e. carbon footprint), nature occupation, respiratory effects, eutrophication etc. The LCA addresses both direct land use changes (dLUC), indirect land use changes (iLUC), and in connection makes use of recent developments in land use changes (LUC) modelling to include GHG emissions. The primary focus is on GHG emissions. The LCA model has a flexible design, which allows future updates, such as calculating results every year in the future, to be carried out with a minimum of extra work.

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