ISO 14044 also applies to social LCA

Weidema B P (2005)

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Letter to the editor. International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment 10(6):381


In their contribution to a framework for social LCA, Dreyer et al. (2005) dismiss the possibility of using generic data for social LCA: “the value of conducting Social LCA on the basis of generic product chains is normally limited.” which leads the authors to suggest that the system boundaries for social LCA should depend on the data-availability: “The need for company specific information and data has consequences for the scoping of the product system in Social LCA, i.e. which parts of the product system need to be included. In order to obtain specific information from a company, it is crucial that the data collector has some influence to exert on it.”

Making the system boundary dependent on data availability leads to arbitrariness in system boundary setting, compromising the result for use in comparisons.


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