Identification of processes affected by a marginal change in demand for food products – two examples on Danish pigs and cheese

Nielsen A M, Nielsen P H, Jensen J D, Andersen M, Weidema B P (2004)

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Pp. 127-134 in N Halberg (ed.): Life Cycle Assessment in the Agri-food sector. Proceedings from 4th International Conference, 2003.10.6-8, Bygho


In environmental assessments of products, co-products should be dealt with by use of system expansion. This theoretical consensus has existed for some time. However, till now still many environmental assessments are based on economically or mass allocated data. The LCAfood database is the first consistent model of Danish food-production, with a widespread use of system expansion. Using quantified as well as more qualitative knowledge on market structures and production economics, the affected processes are identified for a range of basic food products, in agriculture as well as in food processing industry. It is crucial to identify which technologies are affected by a product demand prior to data collection, as the work can be focused on the most important processes, and the explanatory power of the environmental assessment can be maximised.

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