The HAZTRAIN hazardous waste identification tool (HWIT)

Coakley T, O'Leary E, Wejdling H, Christiansen K (2006)

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Presentation for ISWA Annual Congress 2006, Copenhagen, 2006.10.1-5

Excerpt of Executive Summary

This paper outlines the results of the project HAZTRAIN, in particular the Hazardous Waste Identification Tool (HWIT) developed as part of that project. HAZTRAIN was co-funded by the Leonardo da Vinci Programme of the European Commission and comprises partners from Ireland, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain (The Basque Region). The HWIT builds upon two previously developed identification tools for the classification of waste from the Clean Technology Centre (Ireland) and DAKOFA (Denmark). It is web based in format and takes a step by step approach to the identification of the hazardous components of waste in accordance with EU law. The HWIT provides a number of online screens whereby the user enters information about their waste and can thus identify if their waste is hazardous, using a 3 stage process.


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