Guide to interpret the EU product environmental footprint (PEF) guide

Weidema B P (2013)

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Published April 15th 2013. Aalborg: 2.-0 LCA consultants.


While the PEF Guide intends to provide a “harmonised European methodology” and “to provide detailed and comprehensive technical guidance on how to conduct a PEF study” it contains requirements that may be difficult to interpret for LCA practitioners. This guide is our contribution to clarify the context and meaning of some of the requirements that may otherwise cause problems.

In general, a normal consequential LCA performed according to ISO 14040/44/49 will fulfil the requirements of the PEF guideline. However, some specific points to be aware of are outlined in this guide:

  1. Definition of the functional unit
  2. Primary data collection requirement for foreground processes
  3. The definition and separate reporting of carbon flows according to source
  4. Direct and indirect land use change
  5. Carbon offset
  6. Dataset quality assessment
  7. Co-product handling and recycling
  8. Impact assessment categories and methods
  9. Report structure
  10. Reviewer qualifications

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