Global Guidance Principles for Life Cycle Assessment Databases

Sonnemann G, Vigon B (2011)

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Paris/Pensacola: UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle Initiative.


The document provides guidance principles for Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) databases; this includes how to collect raw data, how to develop datasets and how to manage databases.

The publication also addresses questions concerning data documentation and review, coordination among databases, capacity building and future scenarios.

LCA databases provide fundamental energy, materials, land, water consumption data and emissions data into water, air and soil for a wide range of processes, products and materials.

In this way the publication provides the bridge between the data users and the data providers, making basic information easily accessible for computing the environmental footprints of materials and products that are key to make and judge green claims and to allow institutional and individual consumers to make informed consumption choices.

The document is the output of the UNEP/SETAC “Global Guidance for LCA Databases” workshop, (30th January – 4th February 2011, Shonan, Japan), also known as the ‘Shonan Guidance Principles’ workshop.

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