Flexibility for application. Market modelling in LCI databases

Weidema B P (2003)

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Presentation to the International Workshop on LCI-Quality, Karlsruhe, 2003.10.20-21


Database flexibility is a crucial criterion for database applicability. If stored in a flexible format, the same LCI data may be useful in many different contexts. LCI results often depend on the assumptions made with respect to linking processes through a market. By modelling markets as processes, it is possible to combine the same unit processes in many different ways, depending on the scenario and market conditions appropriate for the individual LCI study. Market modelling is illustrated in two examples: 1) a database linking a comprehensive set of agricultural and food chain processes into product life cycles under actual and prospective market conditions, e.g. with and without production quotas, 2) a national input-output based database with both average and market-based modelling, illustrating the important differences and the possibilities for maintaining flexibility.

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