Final report of the LCIA definition study

Jolliet O, Brent A, Goedkoop M, Itsubo N, Mueller-Wenk R, Peña C, Schenk R, Stewart M, Weidema B P (2003)

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Life Cycle Impact Assessment programme of The UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle Initiative

Excerpt of Introduction

According to the predefined Terms of Reference, this definition study aims in priority:

1) To identify user needs for Life Cycle Impact Assessment (LCIA)
2) To provide a clear picture of an overall LCIA framework and of the impact categories to address as high priority, including different impacts than the one typically applied in “OECD country LCAs”, like e.g. erosion or biodiversity
3) To identify the main research needs and to produce a 2 years detailed plan, with a prospect of 4 years for the LCIA programme.
4) To identify worldwide experts from relevant fields, as potential candidates to ask for peer review, workgroups or task forces.



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