D4-1 Report describing data processing and validation

Rejman-Burzyńska A et al. (2010)

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Targeted deliverable for FORWAST, d 4.1 available from project home page: http://forwast.brgm.fr

Excerpts from introduction

WP4 developed within FORWAST project intended to provide comprehensive and validated data on material flows for different economy sectors of the life cycle of resources to waste, in a perspective of broad coverage of the EU territory. The objectives of WP-4 were therefore to:  Provide data related to resources and products flows for all the sectors of economy for the 23 member states, identifying specific of the each country or country group,  Compile and validate data from different sources as well as to achieve the consistency of the obtained datasets,  Identify needs for development of national statistics related to resources and wastes.

The objective of this report D4-1 is to document data collection, processing and validation for each of the EU-23 countries. The chapters from 1 to 23 provide a detailed overview of data mining and methodology used for creation of SUTs MASTERs for each of the EU-23 countries.


Each of the following chapters discussed the country-specific data mining and processing along the mentioned below aspects:
• Presentation of data availability and data processing,
• Identification of gaps and filling them by estimations,
• Construction of SUTs MASTER matrices,
• Validation process and adjustment to reach consistency of data.
Chapter 24 contains summary of conclusions from data mining and processing as well as construction of SUTs MASTERs for the EU-23 countries.

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