D10.2 Final report with indicator framework, indicator set and implementation roadmap

van Bree T, Slob A (eds.) (2016)

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Public deliverable from the DESIRE project. With contributions from project partners incl. Jannick Schmidt and Stefano Merciai, from 2.-0 LCA consultants.


In this final report of the DESIRE project we convert results from all previous work packages into conclusions, and present results of prioritized indicators that could be calculated with readily available statistical data, and present an indicator implementation roadmap. Conclusions on the most appropriate Resource Efficiency indicator framework are based on:

  • WP4’s final indicator framework of WP4 (that builds on WP3’s policy analysis and review of existing indicator sets);
  • EXIOBASE version 31 that has been developed within DESIRE’s WP5, with improved data coverage and time series of multi-regional Environmentally Extended Input-Output (EE-IO) tables;
  • Results of WP6, WP7 and WP8 on ‘novel indicators’ (i.e. critical materials, biodiversity/ecosystem services, and novel reference indicators ‘beyond GDP’);
  • and, lastly, results of WP9’s statistical analyses on options to reduce the size of the indicator set and options for EE-IO data simplification.

This report also builds on a preliminary draft version that was distributed in the form of a discussion note among participants of the final conference on the 21st of January 2016 in Brussels. Discussions during the conference functioned as last stakeholder consultation round of which the outcomes are taken aboard in the indicator implementation roadmap as presented in the current report.

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