CREEA report: Report and data

Merciai S, Schmidt J, Dalgaard R, Giljum S, Lutter S, Usubiaga A, Acosta J, Schütz H, Wittmer D, Delahaye R (2014)

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Deliverable 4.2 of the EU FP7 project CREEA

Excerpt of executive summary

This report describes the mass-flows data collected and how they have been used in order to have fully balanced physical supply and use tables (PSUTs) that are fully consistent with the monetary accounts.

The amount of collected data is enormous and the whole process has taken long time within the CREEA project. Data collection had to meet two requirements:
– the search for reliable data with enough detail to satisfy the requirements of the CREEA data set;
– the choice of data sets that are continuously upgraded, since reproducibility of the database production needs to be ensured.

Thus, working with such guidelines in mind, the data collection was firstly driven towards international agencies databases, such as FAO, IEA, Eurostat and so on, and only when these were not exhaustive, alternative sources were used, i.e. specialized websites or scientific journal papers.


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