Concrete hybrid manufacturing: A machine architecture

Muñiz M M, Chantin M, R C, Vintila RC, Fabritius M, Martin C, Calvo L, Poudelet L, Canou J, Uhart M, Papacharalampopoulos A, Stavropoulos P, Olsson N O E, Tenorio J A, Madrid J A, Dirrenberger J, Muñoz I (2021)

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Procedia CIRP 97:51-58


Concrete hybrid manufacturing is an emerging technology for the construction industry sector. Herein, an innovative construction machine based on a cable robot, which is able to carry additive and material removal modules is presented and the challenges for its assembly are given. The robots’ motion along with the finished part quality are discussed. The information management system including BIM, path planning and control is explored and presented. In addition, material challenges and corresponding approaches are given. Finally, building parts are illustrated and the overall performance in terms of parts quality and machine lifecycle is discussed.

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