Agricultural data for life cycle assessments

Weidema B P, Meeusen M J G, (eds.) (2000)

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Vol. 1 & 2. The Hague: Agricultural Economics Research Institute (LEI). Report 2.00.01. 189+157 pages. ISBN 90-5242-563-9.

Including the Proceedings of The Second European Invitational Expert Seminar on Life Cycle Assessments of Food Products 25th to 26th January 1999

LCANET Food, European Network for Life Cycle Assessment Research and Development within the food chain, Concerted action PL-97-3079 of the Food and Agriculture programme (FAIR).

The book can be ordered from LEI. Price: NLG 120. Please order: Report 2.00.01. ISBN 90-5242-563-9.

You may download the Preface, Introduction, Conclusions (chapter 30) and the conclusions of the 4 working groups in Word 97 format as one zipped file.