Life Cycle SDG Assessment

Weidema B P (2022)

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Aalborg: 2.-0 LCA consultants

Data files for Life Cycle SDG Assessment

This file provides the necessary impact data, links to SDG indicators, and a 2022 update of the Social Footprint method. The file also includes instructions for software implementation and guidance for performing a quantitative life cycle sustainability impact assessment, applying an impact pathway framework that links pressures from human activities via cause-effect chains to their impact on sustainable wellbeing.

The unique contribution of the current method is the use of sustainable wellbeing (utility, measured in Quality-Adjusted person-Life-Years, QALY) as a comprehensive summary indicator for all social, ecosystem and economic impacts. This allows to quantify trade-offs and synergies between impact categories, to compare business decisions, performance, and improvement options across industry sectors. By applying the exhaustive ‘capitals’ approach to defining the Areas of Protection, the method ensures comprehensiveness in terms the set of impact categories covered.

Data is in the form of a Zip file (27.4MB)

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