Towards Net Zero for Global Logistics

2.-0 LCA consultants supports Maersk to fulfil their net zero pledge for 2040, that has recently been rated as the pledge with most integrity.

The client

Maersk (Mærsk A/S) – Multinational


Our role

2.-0 LCA consultants provide Maersk with policy briefs and analyse Maersk’s fuel supply with consequential Life Cycle Assessment methodology.

Sustainability as a business imperative

Maersk (Mærsk A/S) is taking a stand to move the company towards a more ambitious corporate climate commitment. This has led to a top rating by the Climate Corporate Responsibility Monitor in February 2022 for the integrity of the Maersk net zero pledge.

Maersk is one of the biggest players in the global logistics market. We work with Maersk in their quest to reduce the impacts from their hard-to-abate transport business, with the explicit goal of helping Maersk push the entire market toward  greener modes of operation.

2.-0 LCA consultants provide science-based support on:

  • The GHG accounting methodology of a selected group of certifications and standards and requirement for sustainability.
  • Consequential LCA modelling concepts and procedures for fuels from by-products, wastes, or biological origin.
  • Development of the knowledge base for incorporating GHG accounting of by-products, wastes, carbon capture and use, Land Use Change, and substitution effects into GHG calculations.
  • Elucidating effective additionality requirements considering current policy developments in the REDIII directive and wider contexts.

Read more here on Maersk’s own pages on climate change