Social footprinting

We have developed the first complete, quantitative, top-down social impact assessment method and make the data available in our Social LCA Club.

The client

Crowdfunded project

Our role

The Social LCA Club is 2.-0 LCA consultants way to share and further develop our new social footprinting method and database.

More about social footprinting

Through our Social LCA Club we provide members with a social footprint of a product, representing an aggregated monetary value of all social impacts of a product, and a breakdown of this footprint by country and industry, based on our current database version. Members also have access to the fully transparent method description (prior to scientific publication), to the data behind the footprint so that members can continue to work with this themselves, and access to database updates as soon as they are ready.

The income from new memberships is used exclusively to finance our further research and method development. Members choose which social impact category that they wish their money to be spent on, and thereby influence what impact categories will be further specified for the next version of the database.

Our social footprint method is based on standard LCA methodology and the best available public and free input-output databases. It provides a top-down aggregated value of all the externalities related to human activities – biophysical, economic and social. In contrast to other social LCA methods it does not initially require site-specific data and does not provide a breakdown of all the possible contributing impacts. Further development of the method will provide more details on specific social impact categories, and members can therefore focus on their own options for creating shared value in the social hotspots identified by the method.

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