Social Footprint of Packaging Waste Prevention

The aim of this project was to conduct a social footprint assessment of a packaging waste prevention campaign carried out in Zamudio.

The client

Agència d’Ecologia Urbana de Barcelona – Spain

Our role

We conducted the social footprint assessment. The study was commissioned by the Urban Ecology Agency of Barcelona, member of the WASTE4think consortium. Project completed October 2019.

Reusing bags and container

The main objective of the EU-funded Waste4Think project was to move forward the current waste management practices into a circular economy motto demonstrating the value of integrating and validating 20 eco-innovative solutions that cover all the waste value chain. One of the pilot campaigns carried out in the context of this project took place in Zamudio, Northern Spain. The main aim of this campaign was to reduce the number of single-use food wrappers and plastic bags used by the citizens while shopping in groceries, butcheries and fishmongers. To achieve this, the city council offered its citizens reusable bags and containers. The campaign took place from September 2018 to February 2019 as part of deliverable 4.1.