Plastberegner – LCA of plastics

This tool is publicly available and enables a calculation of the environmental effects of plastic products using a life cycle approach.

The client

Plastindustrien – Denmark


Our role

This project is part of a larger effort called Green21 supported by LIFE+ and performed as a collaborative effort between Danish industries, universities and consultants to create 10 green tools for companies to improve their environmental footprint. 2.-0 LCA consultants created the “Plastics Calculator” (in Danish Plastberegner). Project completed September 2012.

The Plastics Calculator

Environmental life cycle data on materials, transport and energy from many different sources are avaialable in the Plastics Calculator. The user (typically from the plastic industry) only has to supplement with foreground data from their own production line.

The result from a calculation is a complete overview of the products environmental profile in the form of an environmental product declaration (printable in pdf-format). This can be used for communication purposes as well as for environmental optimization of the production.

More information at the homepage for the Plastics Calculator (in Danish).