Water Reuse in O&G Sector – INTEGROIL

The INTEGROIL project aims to supply and validate the first application of an integrated solution to improve the treatment of produced water and wastewater of the oil and gas (O&G) industry, as well as to produce water of enough quality to be reused, increasing the sustainability of the whole process.

The client

Horizon Europe – European Union



Our role

2.-0 LCA consultants will provide a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and a Life Cycle Costing (LCC) of the critical elements of the solution for water/wastewater treatment and reuse in the O&G sector as well as a  ‘hotspots’ analysis of the new technology and its impact compared to other currently used technologies. Projects runs for three years starting 2016. Project completed May 2019.

Water reuse in the oil&gas industry

The general objective of the project is to develop and demonstrate a robust but flexible integrated solution for treating water flows with variable compositions allowing subsequent reuse. Due to the variability of water characteristics the O&G sector is an excellent training station to improve water technologies, even for other industrial or municipal applications.

This new solution will be comprised by innovative treatment technologies effectively operated and optimized through a novel Decision Support System (DSS) which can generate water of enough quality to be reused, increasing the overall sustainability of the O&G sector. The DSS will be accessible remotely through innovative mixed of ICT technology (e.g. long range, short range low-data rate wireless technologies and internet protocol) that enables fast information access, advanced visualization and data analysis, allowing the system to be operated with minimal process understanding and also ensuring the safety of the operational staff at the extraction and refining sites. In summary, the main objectives are:

  • To achieve a reduction of 50-75% in industrial water demand, thanks to the reuse of industrial wastewater from the O&G sector (as well as other industrial sectors)
  • To reduce up to 50% the energy demand in water supply, treatment and transportation of the industrial sectors, through the adaptation of individual water treatment technologies to the O&G sector, and their integration and optimization through the use of a DSS system.
  • To validate the long-term application of the new solution, demonstrating its benefits in a sector (O&G) where reuse is not fully implemented and wastewater treatment technologies are not adapted to its idiosyncrasies (e.g. due to water quality variability).
  • To demonstrate the practical application of this new solution for creating new market opportunities both inside and outside Europe, not only in the O&G sector (short-term) but also in other sectors (medium-term).
  • To ensure the easy management of the system for a wide and fast commercial exploitation.

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