Getting the Data Right

‘Getting the data right’ is one of five initiatives in the project package ‘Decarbonizing Denmark: 70by30’ funded by the KR Foundation.

The client

KR Foundation – Denmark

Our role

2.-0 LCA consultants is working together with colleagues at Aalborg University where the project is hosted by DCEA. Other partners are CML at Leiden University (NL) and CICERO in Oslo (NO).

Climate footprint generator

The project will provide a globally unique tool for quantitative assessment of the climate effects of decision alternatives, popularly speaking a ‘climate footprint generator’, as well as a mechanism to ensure its continued updating. The project addresses a lack of updated, detailed, globally complete, valid, and trustworthy LCA data. The project expands the level of detail, coverage, and applicability of the currently most advanced hybrid input-output database (EXIOBASE 3).

Read more about the project, the work packages, and the project partners at the project page at Aalborg University (DCEA).
Publication from the project: Input-output modelling for household activity-level environmental footprints: a systematic literature review.