Critical Review – Comparative LCA of Hand Dish Detergents in Sweden

The LCA study was commissioned by Procter & Gamble and compared two commercial hand dish detergents used in Sweden, including their disposal through wastewater. We took part in a critical review in accordance with ISO 14040/44

The client

PRé Sustainability – The Netherlands

Our role

We participated in a panel review, together with Marisa Vieira (PRé Sustainability, panel chair) and prof. Rainer Stamminger (University of Bonn). Project completed August 2018.

A critical review with a focus on disposal through wastewater

The panel review resulted in a study report, prepared by Procter & Gamble and Enviroconseil. The review was assessed for compliance with ISO 14040/44 concerning LCA studies intended to support a comparative assertion disclosed to the public. Besides checking for ISO compliance, our role also included reviewing the wastewater modelling carried out in the study by means of our WW LCI tool.